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If You’re Struggling With Bed Bugs, We Have the Bed Bug Treatment in St. Louis, Missouri, You Need

Keep reading if you want to know why we’re the Bed Bug Exterminator St. Louis Always Trusts!

This is the bed bug control protocol that makes people trust our services:

  • We know that bed bug infestations are all different, so we approach each one in a personalized way, starting with our free on-site bed bug inspections.
  • The bed bug professional from our team that visits you looks for signs of bed bugs, namely asking you about any bug bite marks that you or any family member may have.
  • Since bed bugs bite and hide in specific places, this visit is designed to identify the extension of the problem and their presence so that the right bed bug treatment to kill bed bugs can be used.
  • From chemical treatments, cryonite, steam to eco-friendly heat treatments, we have all types of bed bug treatments available that are sure to solve the infestation that is troubling you.
  • Our bed bug exterminators have only one mission: to put a bug extermination plan into practice that will send these bugs to bug hell for good.
  • We only consider a job done when there’s no longer any sign of any St Louis bed bug around.

Now you know why we’re the Bed Bug Removal St. Louis calls whenever help with bed bugs is required!

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As the top Exterminator in St. Louis, we offer the best protection plans against all kinds of pests:

Ant ControlThese common pests require a proper pest control plan if you want to get rid of them. Call us—we can get this plan organized and executed for you.

Bed BugsOur bed bug control process is simple: we offer on-site inspections to determine the size and type of infestation, and then we select and deploy the most suitable bed bug treatment for the problem you’re dealing with. End result: no more bed bugs!

BeetlesDo you want to protect your home from beetle? Call our services for beetle extermination in Saint Louis and consider it done!

Box Elder BugsOur pest control company has extensive experience in controlling these St Louis pests, so we’re here to help, if you need us.

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter BeesProperty management professionals often call us for help with putting an end to carpenter bug infestations—which we always successfully do.

CockroachesCockroaches are one of the most common reasons for the phones at our Pest Control St. Louis office to ring. We always make every customer happy with super-effective cockroach extermination services.

EarwigsWhile mostly harmless, no one wants them around. If you have a potential earwig infestation at your place, our earwig treatment plan never fails.

Fleas and Ticks—The number one tick treatment and flea treatment options in Saint Louis are right here, ready to help you whenever you need them.

LadybugsWhile often seen as “cute” by many people, these St Louis pests are one of the most common residential pest control services that require our intervention.

Rodent ControlRats and mice are one of the top reasons for people to google for “the best rodent exterminators near me”. The good news is: you just found the best rodent and pest control in St Louis.

Occasional InvadersCrickets, Pillbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, and Cluster flies are occasional appearances in Saint Louis homes. If they do show up and you need help with them, call us and we’ll step in to get them out.

Overwintering PestsThey’re into moisture, we’re into moisture control. We remove the conditions that make these bugs nest and thrive, and we also remove them. For good.

Pantry PestsSaw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, and Cigarette Beetles have a tendency to call people’s pantries their home. Once settled, they can be difficult to remove. Don’t let them get too comfortable—call us to remove them before they get too attached to your pantry.

Spiders and Black Widows—Spider control in general is one of our top services in St Louis and the surrounding areas.

Stinging InsectsYellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets, and Honey Bees, like all other stinging pests, should only be controlled by professional pest technicians like those in our team. Don’t face them directly. Our trained professionals are here to safely remove them for you.

Stink BugsThey won’t stink for long if you call us.

Mosquito ControlMosquitos make a very common pest management challenge that any pest control company that serves Saint Louis faces. The good news is that our pest control services know exactly how to kill mosquitos and get them out of your way.

Termite ControlDid someone tell you that termite baiting is effective? Well, it mostly isn’t. DIY termite and pest control rarely works, which is why we strongly recommend that you call us for a free Termite Inspection & Control visitation. Our termite inspections are always our first step to determine the specialized termite treatment serving St Louis that we will use to effectively remove termites—and the threat they represent—from your home.

Wildlife Solutions—Sometimes wildlife may turn into a presence that needs to be humanely yet efficiently deviated from your home. That’s why we offer humane wildlife removal services that are designed to provide effective wildlife control in a safe way for animals and in a way that keeps your home free from these unexpected and unwanted guests.

  • BIRD CONTROL—The presence of too many birds can easily become a problem out of control for which we have the right solution.
  • BATS—If you have too many bats around, we can remove them in a safe way for you and them.
  • CHIPMUNKS and GROUNDHOGS—Are they causing damage to your property? We can help!
  • MOLES—Not the visitors you want to have around, so you can rely on us to get them out of your way.
  • RABBITS—Rabbits are dangerously cute, but they can also be dangerously damaging to your property. If you call us, we’ll be happy to get them out of your way.
  • RACCOONS and OPOSSUMS—We have technicians who specialize in removing raccoons and opossums from homes and businesses.
  • COYOTE—Coyotes could represent a threat to any animal you have, namely to livestock, so we’ll be happy to offer you our humane coyote control services to help you effectively get rid of this problem.
  • SQUIRRELS—They’re certainly beautiful to watch—unless they’re too many. Seeing one or two squirrels around is amazing, but seeing too many is troubling. Call us to see them go away for good.
  • SKUNKS—They may show up, but we can be there to make sure they’ll leave your home and its surroundings. Effectively and safely.


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Free Quote & Inspection

We’re sincerely committed to offering a transparent St. Louis Pest Control service. We offer a free on-site inspection, a free quote, and a question and answer session to clear any doubts you may have. In other words, we want to make sure that, before hiring our pest exterminator services, you are fully informed to make a decision you feel sure about.

Affordable and Backed by a Warranty

The related cost of pest solutions is typically intimidating for most people because conventional local pest control companies serving Saint Louis offer expensive services. That’s why we’re so happy to tell you that our pest solutions are assured to be affordable and backed by a warranty, so that you feel even safer about hiring us.

Safety First

Both for home and business locations, all our pest control plans offered in St Louis, MO, are perfectly safe. We never use any hazardous products, and we make sure that your home or business facilities stay safe for you, your family, or your staff.

Discretion and Convenience

Obviously, you want the top St Louis pest control company helping you to get rid of pests—and, obviously, you don’t want your neighbors to know that. If you hire us as your St Louis exterminator, you should know that we use extreme discretion to control and solve the pest problem without letting your neighbors realize we’re there.

Fast and Adjusted to Your Schedule

Our services for pest control in St. Louis are provided in a fast way that always adjusts to your schedule. If you’re looking for bug extermination in Saint Louis with a fast turnaround, you’re looking for us, and we’re right here to help.

Licensed and Insured

We’re a locally owned and operated pest prevention company working in Saint Louis, MO, to eliminate all types of pests. All our residential and commercial pest control services are provided in full alignment with top industry standards and with the relevant regulatory framework.

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