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Bed Bugs

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These ectoparasites have become more common in the United States. People fear bedbugs because they feed on blood. As the name implies, these ectoparasites love hiding on mattresses, box springs, and bedclothes. They’ll hide here until you go to sleep before coming out and sucking your blood.

Reasons For Bedbugs

These pests want to enter your home so they can suck your blood at night. They can enter a residence using numerous tricks. For starters, many motels in the United States are infested with bedbugs. When staying at a motel, bedbugs may climb into your bags and luggage. When you leave, you’ll take the bedbugs home with you. Unfortunately, this also happens regularly when people purchase used clothes and furniture. Bedbugs sometimes crawl from one home to another. Nevertheless, the first two methods are experienced more frequently.


Bedbugs could pose risks to humans, but not through bites. They suck human blood and bite but they’re not physically dangerous. Instead, they could make you sick by keeping you awake throughout the night. A lack of sleep can ruin your health.

Ways To Eliminate Bedbugs

The good news is that we can eliminate bedbugs for you. We’re eager to help. After our thorough inspection, we’ll begin working to put together a plan to resolve the problem. We have several treatment options. They will be explored in more depth below.

Manual Solutions

We offer manual bedbug solutions because they’re quick and effective. The technique can be used to eliminate bedbugs from a specific room or two. We’ll give the client a list of preparations that must be completed before the treatment can begin. We do not need chemicals for our manual services.

Heat Treatments

We also offer high-quality heat treatments. We often prefer this method because it is safe and reliable. We can use our heat treatments to eliminate bedbugs in the home without exposing people to dangers. The method effectively eliminates bedbugs, eggs, and babies. It usually takes a few hours to complete so you can return home on the same day. We do not need to use toxic chemicals for our heat treatments.


While we offer fumigation services, we think they’re best for commercial clients. If you want your building fumigated, you’ll have to leave the building for 24 to 48 hours. Our fumigation services use Sulfuryl Fluoride or Vikane to wipe out infestations.

DIY For Bedbugs

It is best to stay away from DIY methods for bedbugs. Bedbugs are difficult to eliminate. Using DIY methods won’t help. Call our office and let a professional deal with the infestation for you. If you rely on DIY methods, there is a risk that you’re going to miss some bedbugs and the infestation will worsen again.

Safe Treatments

Our bedbug treatments are safe and deliver consistent results. We try to resolve the problem using natural solutions first. If this doesn’t work, we’ll need to use conventional products. Don’t worry. We’ll always take extra precautions to keep you safe.

The Costs

The cost of our bedbug treatment depends on several factors, but primarily the size of your dwelling. We’ll check this out before giving you a bid price. Remember that the bid price is the price you’ll pay once we’ve finished.

Preventing Bedbugs From Entering Your Home

Be cautious when picking motels because some of them may contain bedbugs. When you arrive at home, use the dryer to eliminate any bugs on your clothes. Finally, be careful when purchasing used items.

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