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Box Elder Bugs

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While the box elder bug is unlike any other insect you’ll encounter in your state, it is still not going to be a pleasant experience. The box elder bug not only nips and bites, but it emits foul-smelling odors with the potential to stain. Regardless, a box elder bug infestation is not something you want to sit on. As soon as you suspect you have an infestation, you need to get our office on the line. Want to know why?

Why Box Elder Bugs Are A Problem?

As beautiful and interesting as the box elder bug can be they stand to pose quite a few problems. While it was stated above that the insect nips and bites, this isn’t exactly true. They have a piercing-sucking mouthpart that can occasionally puncture the skin when the bugs are handle. So, they don’t really bite, but more puncture the skin. Of course, this is something they only do when handled, so avoiding this is as simple as not picking the bug up, which will be easy for most.

There have been some reported cases where these punctures even led to slight irritations and red spots, like that of the mosquito bite. Combine these potentials with their foul smells and stains, and you can likely already see what a nuisance the pest stands to be. What makes the matter much worse is when these bugs show up on the property, they do not come alone. They usually bring their entire colonies along with them. Hundreds of these beautiful-colored bugs in the home producing stains and foul smells is not something you want to experience.

What Is A Box Elder Bug?

When you lay eyes on the box elder bug, you will know you are looking at something different. This bug’s appearance is unlike any other you will encounter in your area, making it one of the more memorable insect encounters. The bugs are black with reddish or orange markings on their backs. Their flat wings with a body shaped like an elongated oval that is ½-inch in length only given them a more unique appearance. Throw in their six legs and two antennae, and it would be hard not to be mesmerized by the looks of this creepy crawler.

Where Does The Box Elder Bug Live?

Boxelder bugs can be found all throughout the United States and even in parts of eastern Canada. Wherever there are Maple, Ash, Cherry, or Box Elder trees, you can expect to find these pests. However, you usually only spot them during the late summer and early winter months. They spend most of the summer outdoors, hanging out in the above-mentioned trees, feeding on leaves and seeds. It isn’t only until the cooler weather takes hold that they migrate indoors.

This is when you’ll want to keep a close eye out for these bugs. If you do spot even just one, you’ll want to give our office a call immediately. One beautiful bug could spell major problems for you and your home. Whatever the situation, we are here for you. Whether it is questions or an evaluation you want, give us a call!

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