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You don’t want to deal with a cockroach infestation. Unfortunately, these pests lead to serious problems, including health hazards, property damage, and more. Once you’ve found cockroaches in your home, do the right thing, and call our office. We have technicians ready so they can be dispatched to your home in minutes. Before we can resolve the problem, we have to identify the cockroach species in your dwelling. Since we’ve been doing this for many years, we’ll do this quickly and move on to finding a solution.

Cockroaches In Your City

There are numerous cockroaches in your city. However, you primarily have to worry about a few. The most common are German cockroaches and American cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches regularly invade residences in our city. These cockroaches stand out from the pack because they have a pair of stripes on their heads. They have a lot in common with other species. For instance, most cockroaches are prolific breeders. A small German cockroach can quickly worsen so deal with the problem immediately.

American Cockroaches

In our area, the American cockroach is one of the largest species you’ll encounter. They reach two inches, so their presence is going to startle you. You have to be ready for anything since these cockroaches can fly. They also live for a long time since it takes them 2 years or longer to mature. They won’t infest your structure quickly. Be ready for a prolonged problem. These cockroaches can infest older buildings downtown, but they prefer hiding in sewer systems and steam tunnels. An American cockroach infestation means you have a busted sewer pipe somewhere.

Besides these cockroaches, you’re going to encounter others. Other common species in our city can be found below.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

Pennsylvania cockroaches are frequently found in our area. They’re native to the eastern United States but are often found in other areas too. Females and males look much different since females are smaller and have shorter wings. Males can fly and often fly toward lights at night. An infestation means your gutters are stopped up or you have woodpiles on your property.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

These cockroaches are small and native to Europe. Since they arrived in the United States in the mid-1900s, their population has exploded. They haven’t stopped reproducing and spreading across the nation. They’re regularly found in our area although they do not enter residences often.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are dark and long. They grow over an inch in many cases. Females do not develop wings, but males do. A male oriental cockroach’s wings will cover most of its body. While they’re like American cockroaches, you’ll find oriental cockroaches outside more frequently. They can handle cold weather much better. You’ll find them eating trash and feces on your property.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Smokey brown cockroaches regularly grow over an inch in length and have a reddish-brown hue. They are native to the southern states but can travel elsewhere too. They sometimes hide in shipping containers and reach other areas of the country. They’re not like American cockroaches because they’re always one color. Plus, they have full wings.

Surinam Cockroaches

These cockroaches primarily reach three-quarters of an inch. Surinam cockroaches prefer living in warm areas although they travel north sometimes. When doing so, they’re going to hang out in greenhouses. These cockroaches are female. Since they do not have males, they hold eggs until they have. Then, the Surinam cockroach will give live birth to baby cockroaches.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are smaller than the rest since they only reach half an inch in length. Thanks to their size, they’re regularly mistaken for German cockroaches. You can tell the difference by looking for racing stripes. Brown-banded cockroaches do not have them.

Reasons For Cockroaches

Cockroaches have numerous reasons to enter a residence. They might be looking for food, shelter, water, or access to steam tunnels. An infestation may mean that your gutters are overflowing, or you have a broken sewer pipe.

Can Cockroaches Kill?

Unfortunately, cockroaches can kill. They’re not physically dangerous since they won’t sting or bite. Nevertheless, they could potentially kill someone in your home. They like leaving droppings anywhere in the home. They may leave droppings in your food, and someone could eat it. Surprisingly, this happens more often than you might believe. It could lead to dysentery and other problems. A cockroach infestation could make someone sick. Call us and get rid of them before this happens.

Getting Rid Of The Infestation

You need to dispose of the cockroaches in your home as swiftly as possible. Start by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Once you’ve done this, you need to use DIY methods to eradicate the pests. Although this is one option, it is often better to let a professional deal with it. A qualified professional will fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Don’t rely solely on DIY products because you’ll likely be disappointed with the results.

Our Time Frame

We’re eager to help. We’ll reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours after your initial call.

Our Cockroach Treatments Are Safe

We provide safe cockroach solutions to ensure that everyone in your home is going to be okay. We only fix these problems using the latest products approved by the EPA. Doing so ensures that everyone will be okay. These products are safe and effective.

Preventing Cockroach Infestation

Taking preventative measures is highly recommended. Just remember that cockroaches may enter your home regardless. Even if you fortify the dwelling from top to bottom, these pests may enter. Clean your home and seal your outer walls. Once you’ve done this, you should be ready for anything. Write down our number so you can be ready to call us when an infestation begins.

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