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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentBesides offering eco-friendly pest control methods for bedbugs, we also offer conventional treatments. If you’re interested in fixing the problem using proven methods, our conventional services might be right for you. Just remember that these methods come with certain risks. Some exterminators do not use them effectively. Others use them haphazardly so they’re dangerous. Our company is different. We use the latest conventional treatments safely to ensure that everything is going to be okay.

We rely on recent studies to ensure that we can provide reliable, consistent, and safe results. Just remember that our technician may need to visit your home multiple times to remedy the problem. The process we follow can be found below.

  • In general, we visit the client’s home three times.
  • The first two visits require the technician to inspect and treat the dwelling for bedbugs.
  • During the last visit, the home is inspected. If there are no bedbugs in the home, we’re finished.
  • If bedbugs are found in the home, we’ll treat your dwelling once again.
  • We typically wait a week or two between visits, so bedbug eggs have time to hatch.

Our technicians always follow precise protocols to ensure your satisfaction and safety. Call to learn more about our conventional treatments.

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