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Heat Treatment

Are you searching for a reliable way to eliminate bedbugs from your home? While your options are plentiful, you’ll quickly discover that some methods are more reliable than others. Heat is one of the most effective and efficient ways to eliminate bedbugs. Plus, the method is safe for everyone including you, your family members, and Mother Nature. Readers will learn more about our innovative heat treatments in the guide below.

How It Works

The heat treatment procedure is simple. It doesn’t take a genius to find out how the process works. First and foremost, you need to wait for our technician to arrive. They’ll bring heat machines into your home. Then, the machines will be turned on so they can begin increasing the temperature in the dwelling. Once a certain temperature is reached and maintained, the bedbugs will die. The truth of the matter is that bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Therefore, our powerful, safe heat treatments are capable of providing consistent results.

To eliminate the bugs in your home, we have to increase the temperature to at least 140 degrees. Bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to these extreme temperatures.

Heat Is Reliable

We’re thrilled to say that our heat treatments are safe and reliable. We’ve been dealing with bedbug infestations for many, many years. Therefore, we understand these pests better than anyone in the industry. We know that certain techniques work half of the time, but not always. Heat is different because it is always reliable. The method has proven time and again to be effective against bedbugs.

Heat is one of the best solutions for bedbug infestations because it can eliminate all bugs in the home with one visit. Plus, it eliminates adults, eggs, and nymphs.

Temperature Matters

When fixing the problem using heat, it is pertinent to pay close attention to the temperatures in the dwelling. Our technicians have trained extensively so they know how to deal with the problem correctly. They know how to monitor the temperature to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained. If you work with a lower-quality exterminator, this might not happen. Instead, they may allow the temperatures to fluctuate and the bedbugs in your home may survive. Work with us to prevent such problems from happening.

Average TAT

The heat treatment process is quicker than others. Therefore, we can eliminate the bugs quickly, restore your home to perfection, and let your return. In general, we can be in and out of the dwelling in a few hours. During this time, it is best for the client to remain outside. While the method is safe, we think it is best to take extra precautions. We’ll call you when we’ve finished so you’ll know when you can return home.

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