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Pantry Pests

Pantry pests not only invade your home and contaminate your food, but there are some species like cockroaches, rodents, and houseflies that predispose you and your family to a wide range of harmful and dangerous diseases. While there are tons of viable over-the-counter products available, you are much better off hiring a pest management professional to help with your pantry pest infestation.

This is especially true when you hire one with the dedication, skill, and knowledge of our team. With us, you’ll simply get more than a smiling face. You’ll get a guarantee. Regardless, we cannot be fully successful alone. Eliminating and keeping pantry pests away from a property requires cooperation from both sides. Here’s what you need to know about these peculiar little pests.


While there are a whole handful of species of cockroaches in your area, it is the German cockroach that you need to be concerned about. These are the ones that are particularly attracted to the kitchen because of the potential excessive moisture, garbage, dirty dishes, and leftover pet food. Crumbs, messes, and overall disorder will also attract this intimidating little bug. You don’t have to be a genius to know that cockroaches can contaminate your food and drinks, but you might not have a clue that they can also cause a nasty allergic reaction in some individuals.

If you find yourself facing a German cockroach infestation, there are several things you’ll want to try immediately.

  • Start by caulking gaps and crevices around cabinet doors, drawers, baseboards, and molding to prevent further infestation
  • Install traps in the higher traffic areas of the infestation site
  • Boric acid is a great alternative to commercial-grade pesticides, as it’ll make gel baits even more effective
  • Make sure your kitchen is clean, neat, and orderly. Remove the trash and debris and start practicing regular sanitation routines that make your space unattractive to these creepy crawlers
  • Develop a household waste disposal system
  • Store all nonperishable food products in sealed glass, stainless steel, and ceramic containers
  • Never reuse food storage containers without thoroughly washing with soap and water. Allow to air dry before refilling between each use


Mice and rats pose probably one of the biggest threats of all. They are not only colossal creepy crawlers compared to cockroaches, but they constantly gnaw. Their front teeth are constantly growing, therefore, they need to gnaw. They’ll gnaw on just about anything they can get to, including metal pipes, electrical wires, drywall, wood, and anything within sight and easy access. These pests carry up to 70 various diseases, but only a handful can be transmitted to the human.

Some of the telltale signs of these creepy crawlers are feces, chewed items, and scratching noises. Rodents can sometimes be nocturnal, and you might hear them at night scurrying in the walls. Rat poison always seems like a go-to first solution for many homeowners, but there are many things to consider when choosing a product like this. The first being that it can be extremely dangerous. Especially in the wrong hands. Therefore, a safe alternative is a mechanical trap.

Of course, these items will not always be the answer. Your best solution is to get our trained pros on the phone. We’ll not only help you remove this unwanted furry invader from the home, but we’ll help you put plans in place to prevent future returns. A good trick to prevent other animals from accidentally setting off your rat traps is to only place them inside milk cartons or boxes. Good sanitation measures along with sealing outside gaps, cracks, and crevices will also obviously be essential. These are all things we can assist in accomplishing.


After everything you’ve read thus far, you are probably glad to see ants come up on the list. While they are certainly not wanted, they are far less imposing than the cockroach or rodent. Of course, this certainly doesn’t mean they’ll be easy to deal with. Although they are far less threatening physically, they might be much harder to remove from the property. This is because a lot of the species build their colonies 300 to 400 feet from the home, underground.

In addition to this, different species have different food preferences. Crazy ants like sweets, whereas rover ants like meats and other common protein sources. To be honest, the only way to prevent them from taking over your pantry or kitchen is by removing all food sources. You’ll have to store them in air-tight containers made of glass or plastic where the creepy crawler cannot get at them.

As you can see, there is a whole mess of things to consider when it comes to pantry pests. Almost too much for the common homeowner. Either way, we are always here to help! All you must do is get our local office on the line and we’ll dispatch out a trained professional to the home as soon as possible.

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