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Most people are afraid of spiders. Your fear isn’t a coincidence. Spiders can be incredibly dangerous. If you are bitten by a spider, the pest might inject venom into your body. In some cases, this could be deadly. Spiders are one of the most dangerous residential pests in our area. We’re equipped to resolve your spider problem promptly and safely. Spiders in our area aren’t as dangerous as brown recluse spiders. They can still cause problems though. You cannot ignore a spider infestation because the pest may reproduce and make the problem worse.

Our technicians are eager to help. Call so we can begin helping you right away. The spiders on your property aren’t going to disappear on their own since they can survive for 25 years or longer.

Spider Dangers

Spiders are dangerous in many ways. The primary concern is that they’re going to bite you. If this happens, the spider might inject venom into your body. The bite could be deadly, or it might lead to systemic toxicity and necrotic wounds. Suffice to say, it is best to keep your hands to yourself. Thankfully, most spider bites are not fatal. Plus, you must remember that the pest is only trying to protect itself from you.


Spiders can enter residential structures for several years. In some cases, they’re looking for insects to eat. They’ll build webs in dark corners of your home so they can catch gnats and other insects. They can also enter the home while searching for mates.

Getting Rid Of Spiders

You must dispose of the spiders in your home right away. Otherwise, the problem is going to remain. When spiders get comfortable, they’re going to start building webs. They’ll reproduce and the problem will worsen. Start by getting rid of any spiders in your home. Use your vacuum to suck them up but be careful. Then, you should take steps to remove them from your property. Get rid of possible nesting sites. If you find any spider webs on your property, destroy them. Seal your outer walls to prevent them from returning.

Safer Spider Treatments

Our spider treatments are safe for everyone. We always use the latest, safest techniques because we believe it is our responsibility to protect the client. When possible, we’re going to fix the problem using natural solutions. When that isn’t possible, we’ll need to use conventional methods. Rest assured knowing we’re going to use these products safely. We follow precise guidelines to ensure that our clients are going to be safe. We only allow our technicians to use EPA-registered products so you can sleep soundly.

When Can You Start?

Calling us right away is recommended. Doing so ensures that we can begin helping you sooner. We’ll respond to your call within 48 hours.

Avoiding Future Infestations

Do what you can to prevent spiders from invading your home. Start by removing potential nesting sites. Get rid of rockpiles, woodpiles, limbs, and other debris. Once you’ve done this, it’ll be harder for these pests to build nests on your property. Destroy any nests you find so the spiders do not return. Don’t forget to seal your outer walls. Spiders are small enough to slip through tiny gaps. Seal the holes with caulk or another material to keep them out.

Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders

You may be worried that you’re going to encounter brown recluse spiders in your city. You shouldn’t be. These spiders are less common than most people believe. Residents of our city do not encounter these spiders frequently, but they could reach our city. More about that will be provided below.

  • These spiders rarely show up in our city
  • They can travel in shipping boxes and containers
  • These spiders are hardy so they can survive anywhere including our city
  • They have not been found outside in our city
  • These spiders regularly live with people and pets without attacking anyone
  • They prefer staying away from humans
  • Brown recluse spiders don’t move from dwelling to dwelling
  • Let an exterminator remove them for you

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