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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Are you concerned that bedbugs have been living in your residence? It is possible, but you might not realize it yet. It is pertinent to do something about this problem before it worsens. Finding out where bedbugs hide in the dwelling can make. Their most common hiding places will be explored in greater depth below.

Most Common Hiding Places

First, you should learn about the bedbug’s favorite hiding places. Bedbugs tend to hide in these places often.


If you have bedbugs in your home, you can guarantee that these pests are hiding on your mattress and box spring. Bedbugs use these hiding places frequently because it gives them easy access to human blood. They’ll suck your blood in the middle of the night before returning to their hiding place. They tend to do this while you’re sleeping to avoid detection.

Bed Frame

You’ll also find bedbugs hiding on your bed frame. The hiding place is remarkably close to you. Remember that your bed frame is likely reddish-brown. If this is the case, it is going to be difficult to see the bedbugs. They’ll blend in with the frame so spotting them won’t be easy. Use a flashlight and check the small gaps to spot them easier.

Sheets & Covers

Bedbugs can also hide on sheets and covers. They are usually found here by the time the infestation has severely worsened. Once you’ve found them here, it is time to notify a qualified professional. Getting rid of them is your top priority. The only good news is that it is easier to spot them on your sheets.


During the early days of an infestation, bedbugs may hide in carpets and rugs. If your bedroom has rugs, it may have bedbugs. These pests will hide between the carpet’s fibers until you go to sleep. Once this happens, they’ll come out of hiding and try to bite you.

Certain Furniture

Bedbugs are often found on certain pieces of furniture as well. They prefer upholstered furniture such as couches and love seats. Your couch is going to provide them with many hiding spots. For instance, they may be hiding between the couch’s cushions. They could also be underneath the pillows. You may need to lean the furniture over so you can check underneath it. If you find bedbugs here, call a professional as soon as possible. These are the most common hiding places for bedbugs. Just remember that these relentless pests can hide elsewhere too. Some of their less noticeable hiding places can be found below.

Other Bedbug Hiding Places

Again, bedbugs hide elsewhere too. Their less common hiding places are found below.


Bedbugs often hide in suitcases, bags, and luggage bags. Since they hide in motels across the world, tourists sometimes take the pests home with them. Once this happens, the bugs will remain in luggage bags. It happens more often than most people realize. Check your luggage for bedbugs. If you find bugs there, don’t stop until the problem has been dealt with.

Decorations Hanging On Your Walls

You might hang decorations on your walls. If so, you must remember that bedbugs could be hiding behind your decorations. Pull the decorations down and check behind them.


Surprisingly, bedbugs can hide in books too. They tend to hide between the binding and spine. Plus, they’ll hide behind the novel’s protective cover. While they’ll hide in other books, they prefer novels that are located near your bed.


If your bedroom has a nightstand, the nightstand likely has bedbugs. If the furniture is reddish-brown, it’ll be difficult to find the bugs.


Bedbugs can hide in electronics and gadgets too. They sometimes slip through the vent holes and hide inside. They tend to stay put until the victim has gone to sleep. Then, they’ll come out and consume the victim’s blood. While they can hide in many electronics, they prefer simple devices. The alarm clock is one of its favorite hiding places. Don’t forget to check the boxes under your bed. These pests could be hiding in those boxes too. It is pertinent to use durable boxes to prevent bedbugs from entering them. Be ready to call an exterminator because you never know when bedbugs are going to invade your home.

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