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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

At some point, you may encounter bedbugs. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than most people imagine. These pests are difficult to deal with because they’re incredibly smart. They’re not going to expose themselves so you might live with bedbugs for months before you realize it. Once you’ve found them in your home, install a bedbug mattress cover on your mattress. The benefits of doing so will be explored in greater depth below.

Where Do Bedbugs Hide?

Remember that bedbugs tend to hide in the same places over and over. They primarily want to remain close to their favorite food source. Since they want to consume your blood, these pests are going to hide on and around your bed. They’ll hide on your mattress, box spring, pillows, covers, bed frame, and elsewhere. It is estimated that more than 90% of the bugs in an infestation will be found on your mattress. It is important to realize this because a bedbug mattress protector deals with the problem at its source.

How Mattress Covers For Bedbugs Help

Using a bedbug mattress cover can indeed make a big difference in the long run. These products provide numerous benefits although they won’t eliminate the infestation. When using a bedbug mattress cover, you’re going to trap bedbugs hiding on the mattress. Those bedbugs will be stuck inside the cover so they cannot leave or eat. In a week or two, they’re going to starve to death. In addition to this, they’ll prevent more bedbugs from reaching your mattress. Again, it won’t eliminate all bedbugs in the home, but it will kill many of them. Therefore, you cannot ignore the immense benefits of using a bedbug mattress cover. Just remember that you’ll need to buy a high-quality cover to guarantee satisfactory results.

Which Cover Is Right For You?

Spend time guaranteeing that you’re going to get the best cover for your mattress. Otherwise, bedbugs will take over your home.


First, you must choose a high-quality mattress cover. It should provide many months of protection. It should be made using the most durable materials. Plus, it should have reinforced seams. Finally, the zipper should be tough. If the cover rips or tears, it is no longer going to be effective. Make sure you get a good one to guarantee satisfactory results.

Full Cover

Don’t forget that you need a full mattress cover. Surprisingly, some of these products only cover a portion of the mattress. These products aren’t going to provide satisfactory results. Don’t buy a cover unless it is going to protect the mattress from top to bottom. It should cover every inch of it.

Is It Safe?

Some mattress covers contain toxins that help eliminate bedbugs. While they’re helpful, they could be dangerous. These toxins might be okay elsewhere, but not on your bed. You don’t want to sleep that close to the toxic materials.


Finally, the mattress protector should’ve been tested extensively. Make sure it has been approved by qualified professionals. If you do this, you’ll likely obtain the results you’re after. If it isn’t tested and approved, it might work or not.

How Reliable Are Bedbug Mattress Covers?

Bedbug mattress covers can be great and very helpful, but some are not. They’re only effective when they’re durable. They cannot have any rips or tears. Plus, they have to cover the entire mattress. If this doesn’t happen, they won’t stop bedbugs. Get a high-quality bedbug mattress cover and you won’t have any trouble getting results. Just remember that you’ll need to do something else to eliminate the remaining bedbugs in your home. Call a professional exterminator so they can deal with them promptly.

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